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I have recently started at Colorado State University as an Assistant Professor in the Systems Engineering Department! I will be creating a separate website that will host my academic efforts so some of this website will be transplanted to the new one. My new contact information is below.

A202F Engineering Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523


Systems Engineering Department Page

A202F Engineering Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523

My research aims to establish capable and accessible design methodologies that address the challenges associated with the development of modern dynamic engineering systems. At the core of this research is integrated, system-level thinking and flexibility in the architecture, plant, and control design domains that can provide improved solutions and new design insights. These outcomes are made possible through the development of novel theory and tools that address the strategic aspects of these combined design problems.

Dissertation [pdf]

Architecture Design [pdf]

Trebuchets [pdf]

Wave Energy Converters [pdf]

Co-Design [pdf]

Strain-Actuated Solar Arrays [pdf]

Direct Transcription [pdf]

Scaling in Design [pdf]

Passive Analog Circuits [pdf]

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"Nevertheless, the design method is as inherent to the design process as the scientific method is to scientific exploration."

— R J McCrory, 'The Design Method in Practice,' in The Design Method, S. A. Gregory, Ed., Springer, 1966, pp. 11–18.

"We are now being creative with our knowledge. This is design and is fundamental to engineering. Engineering is design. Research & analysis is Science. Both Engineering and Science are important; but knowledge alone is of no consequence to the future of life if it does not manifest itself into material significance through design."

— V Guliciuc, E Guliciuc, Eds. 'Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact in the Digital Age.' Cambridge Scholars Publishing, p. 10, 2010.

"Central to design is the creative act. This is not to imply that all needs are met creatively. Some are met by found solutions, found in handbooks, catalogues, department stores, etc. However, if a need is met through design, then creativity is involved."

— R A Willem, 'Design and Science,' Design Studies, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 43–47, Jan. 1990

"…increase of circuit complexity, demands that the search for proper network element values, if not the search for proper network topology, be automated. Those who neglect the computer, or render to it the sole role of analyst, may expect to make little real progress in this design area."

— S W Director, R A Rohrer. 'Automated Network Design–The Frequency-Domain Case.' IEEE Transactions on Circuit Theory, CT-16(3), pp. 330--337, Aug 1969.

"Few people think about it or are aware of it. But there is nothing made by human beings that does not involve a design decision somewhere."

— B Moggridge. Found on p. 245 of Creative Confidence by T Kelley and D Kelley.